355634“Forgot something!” He did the same thing over and over.


The story about a boy who name is Mudge and A big dog named Henry.

They are good friend so they always together. Oneday, Mudge’s uncle made a tree house for him, so he enjoys the house, but sometimes came back home.

Why he sometimes comes back home? Please, check the answer in this book.



9780062087041_p0_v5_s260x420Lucky for me, I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet.


The story’s main character is an earthworm. Oneday, he heard next monday is his favorite teacher Mrs. Mulch’s birthday. So, students plans to her birthday party, but he doesn’t find good present for Mrs. Mulch.

What’s he preparated? Please, check it in this book.

STUART LITTLE Stuart at the Fun House

stuart“sometimes I forget you’re not stronger, or bigger, or taller. You’re my little brother, and you’re the best brother I ever had”


The story about a mouse named Stuart and  a human boy’s friendship.

They visited an amusement park, but Sruart is too small, so he can’t play any attractions.

When I read the scene, I was sadly, but the end is good, so I recommend this book.

Fancy Nancy The Dazzling Book Report

I know all about Sacajawea. But the right words won’t come.


The book has many series, and book cover is so cute.

Main character is Nancy. She likes monday, because monday is library day.

Her school teacher gave homework for students, the contents is to chose one book and write reports.

What quality of Nancy’s book report? Please, check it in this book.

Hansel & Gretel

6260492“Plump or skinny, I’m eating your brother tomorrow,” she announced one evening.


I know the book’s name since when I was a little child, but I have never read this book.

The main character is Hansel and Gretel. Their father is woodcutter, but they have no money, so their steopmoter said her hasband that through out children, hasband doesn’t want to it, but the stepmother threw Hansel and Gretel away.

What will happen to them? Please, check it in this book.